About Me.

Hi, my name is Jessica Marie Jacobson and I am currently a student at Virginia Tech.  I am studying Biochemistry with a minor in Chemistry and Psychology.  I someday hope to take what I learn here and go onto Med School to become a Pediatric Oncologist and work at St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  I am a very simple person but very independent and head-strong.  I go after the things I want in life.  I am ambitious, determined, and optimistic.  I strongly believe that anything can be accomplished, one just has to have to heart and desire to achieve it.  I am a country girl; thus, four wheeling, fishing, and bonfires on the farm are what I look forward to.  Minnesota is my second home, I absolutely love the state, and I can not forget my favorite NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings.  I get my curly blonde hair from my mom and dad, and my blue eyes from my daddy.  My family means so much to me!  But of course, my friends are just important to me, because they are the ones that I can tell absolutely anything to.  Other than that, there is not much more to know about me.

A Little Bit More.

  • Lucky Number:  3
  • Favorite Color:  Green
  • Favorite Flower:  Gerbera Daisies
  • Fears:  Dentists 
  • Siblings:  One, my little sister, Sara
  • Pets:  My puppy, Nikki
  • Favorite Music:  Country
  • Favorite Movie:  The Blind Side
  • Favorite Book:  "The Giving Tree"

My Motto.

As far as who you are and who you will become goes...the answer is always within yourself. Believe in yourself. Follow your heart and your dreams. But so long as you are true to the strength within your own heart...you can never go wrong.