Throughout the semester my problem was stating an opinion or a view but not elaborating on it.  I would rarely explain the reasons for my opinions or my views, and I would just leave the reader hanging.  So during the revision process of my formal writings I would have to expand on my ideas and explain how they came to be.  Going back and elaborating more on my opinions and views has helped improve my writings, because it helps the reader truly understand not only me, but the basis of why I write what I write.  It has made my writing stronger and more interesting, because I am putting myself into that paper and what has shaped the person I am today by elaborating more.
What I have learned about my writing this semester is I write better when I can write what I want to write.  This allows my personality to come out.  I love incorporating my personality into my papers, because I want the reader to be able to not only see my strengths in writing, but I want them to see me.  I want the reader to picture me actually saying the things I write in my paper.  I love to make my reader laugh, because I am a funny person, so being able to make my reader laugh not only keeps them on their feet, but entertains them, too.  So, I would have to say my strength in writing is found in my ability to incorporate my personality into my writings.
For future writing assignments I need to work on going more in depth and supporting my opinions, arguments, and comments.  Also, I need to work on the flow of my paper.  Sometimes I jump right into another subject instead of leading up to it, which causes my reader to sometimes get lost.  Finally, for future writing assignments I would make my conclusions stronger, because a conclusion is so important when summing up one's paper and getting one's point across.