Reading 3-17.

Two things I learned about the reading from last night is research elaborates and supports ones thoughts, it makes things more concrete and more reliable.  Another thing I learned was how to incorporate my research in my paper without just simply "plopping" it in but putting it in as one.

This will help me with my next paper because it will allow me to truly prove my point with hard-core facts instead of just opinions.  It will help make my paper stronger and relevant to read, because it will be complete, in the fact that it is not just me writing but experts writing, too.  And knowing how to incorporate the research without "plopping" the information in will make my paper flow more and show some organization with the information I acquired.

What I Learned about Interviews.

Based upon the reading, I learned that interviews require a lot of planning before you actually go and meet with the person.  From planning out questions to how you will record their answers, it is vital to have everything you want to say before you say it.  Also, it is very important to be professional and proper, because it is a sign of respect for the person who has taken the time out of their day to meet with you.  

The questions that should be asked should be short but yet encompass the points you are trying to make.  It is never good to just ask filler questions, always ask questions that are meaningful and relate to your essay.  Also, it is always good to ask questions off statements that your interviewee says, this allows more in depth conversation and may lead to a better understanding of the subject matter.

After an interview it is always polite to say thank you and even send them a thank you card for taking time out of their day to help you out, it is the proper thing to do.

These are my best in-class writings, because they expand on the information I learned more so than the other writings.  In the first writing I do a very nice job in explaining how what I learned will help me with my next paper.  I also give reasons why what I learned will help make my paper stronger, the reasons are not just stated.  The second writing definitely shows that I read the assignment.  I picked out the key points in the reading and stated them, and then I explained their relevance.  These two entries definitely show that I can make strong arguments towards anything I read, because I can support them with information I learned and read, and they are valuable statements.