Effectiveness of Maps.

One thing I learned from the reading we had to do is how effective Mind Maps really are. I used to always hate making them before writing a timed essay.  They are tedious and I would always make them without even really thinking about it, let alone care about it.  What I learned was they are not only used for brainstorming, but they are used to provide various solutions to a single problem.
By knowing this, if I have trouble finding the words I need to describe my place, I can right down several ideas and connect them, to solve my problem about describing the place.  Or I can decide to draw the place, which would be another solution.  Even better, I can ask the people that work there to describe the place for me, which would help me get a feeling on how they view the place, and they could be subjective about it and not just include what they see, but how they feel about the place, which would give my paper a different feel

Analysis of "I-Researcher-Bowling."

What communities is the writer apart of?

     From the reading, the communities the writer is apart of is that of a small town where there is not really much to do, but the bowling alley seems to be "hot spot" for many of the people in town, because it is affordable and it is fun.  The bowling alley is a family environment.

What biases does the writer have about the site?

     The writer did not think a lot of teenagers hung out at the alley, so she obviously felt that the bowling alley was not cool enough for teenagers because she questions as to why they are there.  She believes the bowling alley concession stand is a little small and there was not enough equipment to make it a grand size concession stand, but then again it is a small town.  The people on the bowling leagues are out of work possibly, because they are certainly not women or children, because they are at home taking care of the family.  Bowling is not good enough for the "country club people."  Not like an ordinary bowling alley, does not have all the electronic lights or scoreboard, it is simple.

What connections to the site does the writer have?

     The writer used to go there every Saturday night with her large family to bowl.  It became a fun family tradition in which she could spend time with her family.