The third paper out of the series contained research pertaining to my topic.  I only included journals from databases, because they are reliable.  My research included topics such as how tattoos came about, who are most likely to want to get a tattoo, how tattoos are gender specific, the health risks of tattoos, and health risk prevention.  I researched so much around the topic of tattoos, so that it may help me fully understand why people are so daring to get a tattoo.
The second part of the third paper was to go back to our site and interview people and listen in on conversations people were having in the place.  By interviewing people, I was able to see the other side of the story.  I was able to actually hear why people love tattoos so much.  Sure, these people fit my description of people that usually get tattoos with piercings all over and brightly colored hair, but tattoos were more to them than just color on their body, it was their art, it was self-expression.